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Find the replacement lamp you need for your projector or TV

Find the new bulb you need from Projector Lamps Canada by using the two drop down lists below. You can find more information and instructions for finding your lamp on this page, below the drop down lists.

1. Select the brand of your projector or TV

2. Now select the model of your projector or TV


Finding the lamp you need on the Projector Lamps Canada website is easy. First of all, choose the brand of your projector or TV from the first drop down list below, on the left. The brand of your projector or TV is the company that makes it, for example Sony, Panasonic, Dell or Hitachi.

After you have chosen the brand of your TV or projector from the first drop down list, you can then choose your projector or TV model from the second drop down list below, on the right. The model of your machine will usually be marked on it. If you can't find it here, you will be able to find your projector or television model number in the owner's manual that came with your machine.

After you chose the brand and model of your TV or projector, the Projector Lamps Canada website will automatically load a web page containing details about the replacement lamp you need. You can then choose the quantity of this lamp you want to buy and then add the lamp to your cart.

If you are unsure of the model number of your projector or TV but you know the part code or product number of the replacement lamp you need, you can find the lamp on the Projector Lamps Canada website by using the "Search for a lamp" box towards the upper right of the website. Simply type in the lamp part code you are looking for and click "Search".

If you have any difficulty finding a lamp or bulb you need, simply email the Projector Lamps Canada customer support team at, or head to the Projector Lamps Canada contact page for more contact details.

Find a low price projector lamp or TV lamp by brand name

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AV Vision spare bulbs Avio projector lamps Barco projector lamps
BENQ replacement lamps Bonama spare lamps Boxlight replacement lamps
Canon replacement lamps Casio lamp modules Chatani Enrich bulbs
Chisholm replacement lamps Christie lamp modules Citizen replacement bulbs
Clarity replacement lamps Claxan bulb modules Compaq bulbs
CTX projection lamps Davis lamp modules Dell projector lamps
Delta replacement lamps Digital Projection bulbs Dream Vision bulbs
Dukane bulbs and lamps Dynamica bulbs and lamps Eiki projector lamps
Eizo replacement bulbs Electrohome bulbs Elite Video bulbs
Elmo replacement bulbs Elux lamps and bulbs Epson LCD projector lamps
Everest replacement bulbs Faqtor bulbs Fujitsu bulbs
Fujitsu-Siemens bulbs Gateway lamps/bulbs GE projector bulbs
Geha bulbs Hewlett Packard (HP) lamps Hi-Sense lamps and bulbs
Hitachi replacement bulbs Hughes JVC lamps and bulbs IBM replacement lamp parts
Iiyama bulbs/lamps Infocus projector lamps IQI projector lamps and bulbs
JVC lamps and bulbs Kinderman projection bulbs Knoll projector lamps
Kodak bulbs/lamps Lasergraphics bulbs Lenovo projector lamps
LG replacement lamps Liesegang lamp modules Lightware spare bulbs
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Marantz replacement lamps Mediavison lamp modules Spare bulbs for Medion
Medium replacement lamps Megapower bulbs Spare lamps for Metavision
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